Learn To Ride

Learn To Ride

Naples Harley-Davidson Rider Courses

We Believe You Can Ride

Combining the time-tested curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® with the passion of our Harley-Davidson® Certified Instructors, our courses offer hands-on instruction and real-road experience that can teach you the skills you need to get the most out of riding.

Yes, You Can Ride A Harley-Davidson®

It’s an attainable dream. There aren’t any rules about who can get on a HARLEY® motorcycle. You can Learn the skills, Build the confidence,and Discover the feeling that all Riders know but can’t really put into words. THIS ROAD IS WIDE OPEN!

New Rider Course

Our New Rider Course is the fastest road to getting your motorcycle endorsement. The course provides you with 21 hours of expert training from our Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) and H-D® Certified Coaches. Our proven blend of classroom instruction and range riding on a real motorcycle delivers new riders the basics of motorcycle operation in Harley-Davidson® style.
New Rider


After successfully finishing the course you’ll get a MSF BasicRider Course Completion Card that you simply take to the DMV to have your motorcycle endorsement added to your license! We believe life is what you make it, and we can help you make it one hell of a ride.

“We believe everybody can ride. We believe everyone should ride.”

Skilled Rider Course

Our Skilled Rider Course takes your riding to a new level. Created for experienced riders, this course offers advanced tips and techniques that help you own the road. The course runs 1 day and is built on the curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® Experienced RiderCourse. It is taught by our devoted MSF and H-D® Certified Coaches.
Skilled Rider


  • Know how to ride a bicycle
  • Valid driver’s license or learner’s permit (Some Restrictions Apply)
  • Jeans & sturdy over-the-ankle boots/shoes
  • Full-fingered motorcycle gloves
  • Heavy long-sleeved shirt/jacket
  • Protective eyewear
  • DOT spec helmet


You’ll be riding the Harley-Davidson® Street™ 500, a light, easy to handle sportbike with a rider-friendly design that will have you feeling in control


The New Rider Course costs $295 per person, which includes the use of our Harley-Davidson® Street™ 500, insurance, class materials, etc.


The course is held over 3 days. All sessions are mandatory, so make sure the course fits into your schedule. Contact the dealership for class times and schedule or Click Here.

Interested in Learning to Ride, but you’ve never been on a Bike? We can fix that!

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